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Европейский экономический календарь

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Европейский экономический календарь



DATE       GMT/EST                        EVENT

27-Nov    0800/0300      Spain Oct PPI

27-Nov    0930/0430      UK Oct BBA net mortgage lending

27-Nov    1800/1300      Eurogroup finance ministers meet in Brussels.

28-Nov    0700/0200      Germany Dec GfK consumer confidence

28-Nov    0745/0245      France Oct housing starts, permits

28-Nov    0800/0300      EU finance ministers (Ecofin) meet in Brussels.

28-Nov    0900/0400      Eurozone Oct M3 money supply

28-Nov    1000/0500      OECD to present its Economic Outlook with

                         latest economic projections, in Paris.

28-Nov    1030/0530      ECB Governing Council member Mario Draghi to

                         attend extraordinary meeting of the Bank of

                         Italy`s shareholders, in Rome.

28-Nov    1100/0600      Germany Bundesbank presents financial stability

                         report (ECB Governing Council member Axel Weber

                         will not attend press briefing), in Frankfurt.

28-Nov    1300/0800      ECB Governing Council member Erkki Liikanen

                         to speak in Helsinki.

28-Nov    1400/0900      Sweden Riksbank Deputy Governor Irma Rosenberg

                         speaks on "The Current Economic Situation," in


28-Nov    1630/1130      SNB President Jean-Pierre Roth speaks on the

                         economic situation, in Vezia, Switzerland.

29-Nov    0700/0200      Germany Oct wholesale sales

29-Nov    0800/0300      Spain Oct retail sales

29-Nov    0930/0430      UK Oct consumer credit, mortgage approvals,

                         lending secured on dwellings.

29-Nov    0930/0430      UK Oct final M4 money supply

29-Nov    1400/0900      ECB Governing Council member Klaus Liebscher

                         opens conference on European integration, in


29-Nov    1840/1340      ECB President Jean-Claude Trichet speaks at the

                         18th Jean Monnet Memorial Lecture, in London.

29-Nov    1900/1400      France Oct ILO jobless rate

30-Nov    0700/0200      Germany Oct ILO employment

30-Nov    0700/0200      Germany Oct FSO retail sales

30-Nov    0700/0200      UK Nov Nationwide house prices

30-Nov    0700/0200      ECB Exec. Board member Jose Manuel Gonzalez-

                         Paramo to give keynote speech at conference on

                         "EMU Governance and Euro Changeover: Cyprus on

                         the Path to the Aadoption of the Euro, in

                         Nicosia, Cyprus.

30-Nov    0745/0245      France Nov consumer sentiment

30-Nov    0750/0250      France Oct PPI

30-Nov    0800/0300      Spain Nov flash HICP

30-Nov    0800/0300      ECB Governing Council member Miguel Fernandez

                         Ordonez to make opening remarks at two-day

                         conference on Financial Integration and

                         Stability in Europe, in Madrid.

30-Nov    0800/0300      Sweden Riksbank Governor Stefan Ingves gives

                         opening remarks on monetary policy 1995-2005 at

                         Swedish Parliament, in Stockholm.

30-Nov    0855/0355      Germany Nov unemployment

30-Nov    0900/0400      Italy Oct PPI

30-Nov*   0900/0400      Germany Oct VDMA machinery orders

30-Nov    1000/0500      Eurozone Q3 GDP, 1st details; EU Commission

                         publishes Q4-Q2 eurozone growth projections.

30-Nov    1000/0500      Eurozone Nov economic sentiment index

30-Nov    1000/0500      Eurozone Nov flash HICP

30-Nov    1000/0500      Eurozone Nov business climate indicator

30-Nov    1000/0500      Italy Nov prelim. HICP/CPI

30-Nov    1000/0500      UK BOE Governor King and BOE members speak on

                         quarterly economic forecasts.

30-Nov    1030/0530      UK Nov GfK consumer confidence

30-Nov    1100/0600      UK Nov and Q4 CBI distributive trades surveys

30-Nov    1145/0645      ECB Exec. Board member Gertrude Tumpel-Gugerell

                         to speak at conference on clearing and

                         settlements systems, in Brussels.

30-Nov    1200/0700      ECB Governing Council member Erkki Liikanen

                         to speak in Tampere, Finland.

30-Nov    1400/0900      ECB Governing Council member Nout Wellink opens

                         Dutch National Bank conference on European

                         integration and identity, in Amsterdam.

30-Nov    1600/1100      ECB Governing Council member Klaus Liebscher

                         to speak in Vienna.

30-Nov        NA         Norges Bank Deputy Governor Jarle Bergo to

                         speak in Kristiansund, Norway.

01-Dec*   0001/1901      UK Nov Hometrack house price survey

01-Dec    0900/0400      Eurozone Nov manufacturing PMI

01-Dec    0900/0400      Spain Nov consumer confidence

01-Dec    0930/0430      UK Nov CIPS manufacturing PMI

01-Dec*   0930/0430      UK Nov official reserves

01-Dec    1000/0500      Eurozone Oct unemployment

01-Dec    1100/0600      France Nov new car registrations

01-Dec    1215/0715      ECB Executive Board member Gertrude Tumpel-

                         Gugerell to make closing remarks at conference

                         on Financial Integration and Stability in

                         Europe, in Madrid.

01-Dec    1815/1315      ECB Vice President Lucas Papademos to speak at

                         the International Research Forum conference on

                         monetary policy, in Washington DC.

04-Dec    1635/1135      ECB President Jean-Claude Trichet and Governing

                         Council member Miguel Fernandez Ordonez hold

                         press conference following the 3rd High-Level

                         Seminar of the Eurosystem and Latin American

                         Central Banks, in Madrid.

07-Dec    1200/0700      Bank of England to announce rate decision.

07-Dec    1245/0745      ECB to announce interest rate decision.

07-Dec    1330/0830      ECB President Jean-Claude Trichet holds press

                         briefing to explain rate decision,in Frankfurt.

07-Dec    1445/0945      ECB Governing Council member Axel Weber to

                         speaks on "Current Issues in European Monetary

                         Policy," in Frankfurt.

13-Dec    0800/0300      ECB Governing Council member Yves Mersch to

                         present Luxembourg Central Bank`s second 2006

                         bulletin, in Luxembourg.

13-Dec    1300/0800      Norway`s central bank announces rate decision.

14-Dec    0830/0330      Swiss National Bank announces interest rate

                         decision, publishes quarterly monetary policy


14-Dec    0900/0400      ECB to publish monthly bulletin.

15-Dec    0830/0330      Sweden`s Riksbank announces rate decision.

20-Dec    0930/0430      Bank of England publishes minutes from Dec. 6-7

                         Monetary Policy Committee meeting.

08-Jan    1145/0645      G10 central bank governors meet in Basel,

                         Switzerland. ECB President Jean-Claude Trichet

                         to hold press briefing as group spokesman.

11-Jan    1245/0745      ECB to announce interest rate decision.

14-Feb    1030/0530      Bank of England publishes its Inflation Report.

15-Feb    0830/0330      Sweden`s Riksbank announces rate decision,

                         publishes Inflation Report.

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