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Часовые графики сигнализируют о фиксации прибыли, но в целом быки пока доминируют после достижения исторических максимумов. Предыдущий максимум $1.3659, который совпадает с 5-дневной скользящей средней, может послужить первой сильной поддержкой.

RES 4: $1.3867 цель бычьего "флага"
RES 3: $1.3848 линия сопротивления от 5 декабря 2006
RES 2: $1.3823 линия сопротивления августа 2005
RES 1: $1.3787 дневной максимум 10 июля
текущая цена: $1.3743
SUP 1: $1.3659/67 дневной максимум 5 июля и 5-дневная скользящая средняя
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SUP 4: $1.3542 поддержка восходящего тренда 13 июня
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11.07.07 06:22  |  Комментарии дилеров по иене 11.07.07 09:21  |  Фунт/доллар. Технический взгляд
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09:15  Татьяна: 2ФАСТ: наверное,они правы
09:16  FasT: AlexGrig---а как твои шорты, держишь?
09:18  Татьяна: 2ФАСТ: я в том смысле,что там-граница канала,а кабель по сравнению с прочими мажорами поотстал малость.С другой стороны,большие дяди,когда из отпуска вернутся,сильно обидятся,что такая красота произошла без них.они-то свои лонги зафиксировали.Ну и постараются мажорики вниз отстрлить,чтоб самим тоже поучаствовать.
09:19  AlexGrig: FasT 09:16 Йеновые? большая часть ночью на стопах фиксед. Буду ждать уровни для новых селлов.

Вот что UBS мыслит.

Tech strategy trade recommendation - Short EURJPY at 167.30 (0.5 unit on 11-Jul-07), Targeting 164.00, stop loss 168.50. Model is up, counter trend and short term. Move stop to 167.30 if 166.40 trades. EURJPY recent up-leg extended off 161.08 may have stalled at 168.52 doji high amid extreme overbought conditions. The loss of immediate trend-line support off 161.50 warns of possible pullback towards initial support zone at 166.17. Failure to hold at 166.17 would trigger accelerated down-leg towards next support zone bounded by 164.21 and 163.92 levels, preceding possible extension towards 162.84 and eventually base support near 162.00 area. On the upside, a sustained daily close 168.34 would instead suggest uptrend continuation beyond 168.52, before facing stiff resistance zone at 170.00 psychological level.
09:19  А$ccоль: During the Tokyo session so far Wednesday, some players purchased one-week dollar/yen at-the-money straddles with a face value of $50 million at 8.75%.

Others bought one-week dollar put/yen call options with face value of $100 million and Y120 strike price at 10.25%.

Dealers also noted players entered one-week 25-delta dollar/yen risk reversals with a $100 million face value that priced yen calls 1.7% higher than yen puts.

That suggests players are expecting big swings in the spot market, with a larger possibility of the dollar's downside risks over the next week

Интересно это много или мало?
09:21  Татьяна: а ещё есть граница канала у кабеля в районе 2.07.там же фиба какая-то запредельная.Но это из серии ужасов.
09:22  AlexGrig: The US dollar weakened considerably Tuesday, with EURUSD reaching an all-time high of 1.3741. USDJPY dipped below key support at 122.06 amid selling pressure on carry trades. The carry wobble, which began in Asian trade, was attributed to a fairly innocuous Nikkei article warning of risks of a sharp NZD selloff, and perhaps caution ahead of Thursday's BoJ decision. Heading into New York trading, unfavourable housing-sector-related earnings guidance, along with the decision by rating agency S&P to review credit ratings on a series of sub-prime assets put US credit markets under renewed pressure, and pushed US equity markets and yields down further. The S&P 500 ended the day 1.4% lower, and the 10-year swap spread widened 3bp to a new four-year high.

Speaking Tuesday on inflation, Fed Chairman Bernanke steered clear of commenting on the economy or interest rates, nor did he provide any signal of a shift in focus away from core to headline inflation, as speculated. Rather, Bernanke noted that "although inflation expectations seem much better anchored today than they were" in the past, "they appear to remain imperfectly anchored." Despite this, the 2-year Treasury yield declined roughly 11bp to 4.85%, extending its decline from post-payrolls report highs just above 5.00%, as pressure on US credit markets generated flight-to-quality flows and prompted rate markets to price in a bit more easing risk. With yields still firm in most other G10 economies, the USD has lost further yield advantage. Looking ahead, with the Fed still emphasizing inflation risk, we do not see much scope for markets to return to pricing significant risk of Fed rate cuts in the near-term, and with rate markets heavily pricing tightening already in other G10 economies, we think US yields can stabilize relative to the rest of the G10. Additionally, a retreat in crude prices could be a catalyst for USD recovery, in our view, but reports that the US is augmenting its naval presence in the Persian Gu
09:22  haba: Доброго утра участникам капиталистического соревнования!!!
09:24  FasT: The EUR/USD opened in Asia around 1.3445 after soaring through the 1.3683 all-time high after sub-prime concerns resulted in accelerated selling of an already weakened USD. The start of the Asian session was chaotic with heavy stop loss selling of USD/JPY, NZD/JPY and EUR/JPY, but despite the EUR/JPY selling the breadth of the USD/JPY selling resulted in the EUR/USD spiking up to a new all-time high at 1.3787. The Asian market quickly settled when Tokyo entered the market and the EUR/USD drifted back to 1.3730/50 for the balance of the session.
The USD is looking vulnerable due to the reemergence of sub-prime concerns and evidence of increased activity by regional central banks in diversifying out of US dollar reserves. The EUR/USD may lag the CHF and JPY if the sub-prime concerns lead to heightened risk-aversion (read carry trade unwinding), but the market is now talking about a 1.40 teat at some stage. Support for the EUR/USD has formed at 1.3700 while talk of a 1.3800 option barrier should provide headwind on attempts higher. --John.Noonan@thomson.com
09:37  maiki: всем привет. АлексГриг подкинь сайт по фючерсам.
09:45  maiki: Наелся утром аналититки. И незнаю что делать, закрывать позиции по евро, внутренний голос говорит незнаеш- так лучше ничего не делай. Не вижу потолка, привязаться некчему.

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