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Прорыв выше $2.0360 оказался ложным и сигналы медвежьей дивергенции на дневных индикаторах теперь предполагают риски коррекции. Прорыв ниже 5-дневной скользящей средней в районе $2.0285 поддержит нисходящее движение. Ключевая поддержка находится в районе $2.0195.

RES 4: $2.0460 максимум 3 августа
RES 3: $2.0416 76.4% от движения $2.0651 - $1.9655
RES 2: $2.0395 максимум 8, 9 августа
RES 1: $2.0360/65 линия сопротивления с 27 августа, часовой максимум
Текущий курс: $2.0305
SUP 1: $2.0285 5-дневный скользящий средний
SUP 2: $2.0235 минимум 11 сентября
SUP 3: $2.0195 линия поддержки с 17 августа
SUP 4: $2.0165/71 минимум 7 сентября, бывший уровень Фибоначчи
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GBP/USD: Negatively Impacted by UK Rate Cut Conjecture
Wednesday, September 12, 2007 3:53:00 PM

London, September 12. Cable all-but revisited today"s Asian session base of 2.0287 as EUR/GBP soared to a five-month peak of 0.6841 on the back of a good size cross buy order dealt through the legs (selling GBP/USD and buying EUR/USD). That EUR/GBP buy order was seen behind the early NY EUR/USD break through 1.3880 (today"s late Asian session top) to new euro lifetime highs.

The pound is suffering on increased speculation that the next UK base rate move will be a cut. The Daily Telegraph website is carrying an article headlined "BoE"s King hints rates may have peaked" re: today"s BoE briefing paper on financial market issues (BoE website). A UK clearer suggests the market is underpricing the risk of a UK base rate cut in 2008.

Yesterday"s low of 2.0234 is a sterling support point south of 2.0287. There is speculation that an exotic option barrier might reside at 2.0225.

2.0250 and 2.0350 option strikes roll off at today"s 10am Eastern NY cut
17:31  крупье:
USD/JPY: Bounces Above 114.00, Tracking Spike in Bond Yields
Wednesday, September 12, 2007 4:29:00 PM

San Francisco, Sep 12. US ten-yr bond yields have just spiked back above 4.37% to session highs, which has fuelled a rise in USD/JPY above 114.00 to current levels of 114.16. Traders have not seen many flows and do not yet know what is behind the spike in yields and USD/JPY.

However, there continues to be bad news on the fund front. Last night, hedge fund Pirate Capital froze two funds due to losses. This morning, Dow Jones reports that Citigroup"s hedge fund Old Lane fell 5.9% in August, while traders are also focusing on the news that UK fund Wharton has suspended investor redemptions in its Y2K fund. Yesterday, UK"s BlueCrest shut a $500 mln hedge fund as the reverberation from the credit crunch continues. In addition, Barclay has provided a $1.5 bln "lifeline" to Golden Key fund.

All-in-all, the reverberations from the credit crunch appear far from over. The latest spate of negative fund news should help cap USD/JPY with offers at 114.40/50 still strong but with stops building above 114.65. Bids remain at 113.70/80 but the larger buyers are said to be at much lower levels of 113.40.

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