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Dow Jones. Технические уровни по евро и йене

Валютный рынок

Евро/доллар. Технические уровни неизменны.

Next Resist. 1.2149

First Resist. 1.2080

First Support 1.1885

Next Support 1.1771

Доллар/йена. Технические уровни неизменны. Ключевой уровень 118.15.

Next Resist. 119.95

First Resist. 119.09

First Support 117.84

Next Support 117.19
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10.02.06 01:30  |  Канадский доллар готов возобновить давление на валюту США 10.02.06 03:57  |  Очередная попытка евро продолжить рост завершилась провалом
Комментарии (всего 13)
01:45  docs: Сливу уже сорвал...
Хочется камелию
Положить в рукав!
01:59  miha: Если считать фигуру нарисованною йеной во вторник и среду разворотной, то очень интересная картина получается. Еслисегодняшними иями она подтвердится... очень интересные прогнозы можно сделать и по евро, и по баксу. Более того можно даже попытаться приблизительно просчитать и уровни. Но исходя из этих предположений падение доллара начнется не раньше понедельника. Фантазия по ночам работает однако...
02:03  miha: Не знаю уж и прав ли я , но мне кажется имменно это в йенке и разглядел старик.. Ключевым уровнем в этом варианте будет 207.20\40 по фунтойене.
02:10  Lyucefer: OzForex Daily Commentary - 10/02/2006

:: Australian Dollar:The Aussie traded sideways overnight, continuing from yesterday´s lacklustre session with jobs data coming in worse than expected. The Aussie reached a high early in European trade of 0.7417 before the bears once again overwhelmed the rally and sent the Aussie to the overnight low of 0.7379. Traders initially tried to take out stops above the US 74 cent mark following the rise in the unemployment rate to 5.3% as some tried to get short, however the resistance eventually folded and the AUD retreated. Many will be watching tonight´s US Trade balance and Monday´s Statement on Monetary Policy from the RBA for near term direction on the Aussie. The Aussie opens this morning at 0.7395.

- We expect a range today in the AUD/USD rate of 0.7370 to 0.7420.

:: New Zealand Dollar: A slight easing in the labour market yesterday has seen the Kiwi well bid yesterday to open higher this morning. The Kiwi opens at 0.6789 from yesterday´s open of local trade at 0.6740, after unemployment figures were revised amid confusion over the validity of the numbers from Statistics NZ. There were revisions to previous months employment data, but sampling omissions led some to question whether the figures were accurate or not. The Kiwi reached a high overnight of 0.6794 and looks to be supported around 0.6740 leading into tonight´s US Trade Balance figures.

- We expect a range today in the NZD/USD rate of 0.6770 to 0.6820.
02:11  Lyucefer: :: Majors: The Euro traded a narrow range overnight with offers at 120.00 capping the topside movement of the common currency. The Euro´s high of 1.1994 failed several times last night, however the Euro has bounced back this morning from the low of 1.1944 to open at 1.1977. Traders will no doubt use tonight´s US Trade Balance data release to retest the psychological 120.00 barrier, although there is little talk of further potential for the Euro on the upside until a clearer picture emerges from the Fed on interest rate direction. The anticipated signalling of a reduction in liquidity from the Bank of Japan did not materialise any earlier than expected, although Governor Fukui appeared slightly more hawkish than on previous occasions. The Yen opens at 1.1976 this morning.

:: Data Releases:
AUD: Housing Finance
CAD: Unemployment rate, Merchandise Trade
JPY: Trade prices, Household spending, Machine orders, Domestic CGPI
USD: Trade Balance
02:12  Lyucefer: As the USD/JPY (1-hour chart) enjoyed a strong move to the upside, its short-term support line was subsequently broken, which then became our new resistance. During the same period of time, the MACD (histogram) failed to rally to its previous high, even when the market itself rallied to higher highs. The MACD by itself signaled a weakening trend. This divergence sometimes occurs well before the market actually turns to the downside. In fact, if we had sold (short) the USD/JPY at the first sign of weakness, we would have sat through a great deal of pain, as the market continued to much higher prices. However, as the up trending support line was broken, and then the market failed to break back above this line, the market now gave us a second and unrelated signal other than the MACD, to base our trade upon. In order for the market to rally to new highs, and resume its uptrend, it must now violate two separate signals, which is less likely, and therefore gives us a greater probability of success
02:14  miha: Lyucefer 02:12... доброй ночи!!
03:08  vara: Не ну японцы .... прям как по учебнику :))))))) на верхах взяли откатили продали :))))))))))))))
03:44  йожик: развели :-(
04:06  RWU: привет всем, кто не спит.... успел фунта закоротить на 60, вот сижу и думаю: будет вторая попытка на верх, как вчера или нет?
05:32  Samurai: RWU 04:06 Лучше фиксани позу, бо серьезные тучи нависли.Думаю стрельнет в небеса п-в этак на 150 как минимум
05:33  Samurai: Забыл представиться, да и всем привет!На форуме я новичок

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